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The Steam Coast Trail is an ongoing project to build a breathtaking network of multi-user paths around West Somerset. It weaves walkers, cyclists, mobility scooter and wheelchair users and runners through glorious countryside!

Where is it?

Phase One of the Steam Coast Trail was opened in December 2016. It runs 2km from Dunster Beach, almost all the way to Blue Anchor.

Phase Two of the Steam Coast Trail opened in October 2018 and runs 1.1km from Old Cleeve (Dragon's Cross) to Washford (Cobbler's Steps).

For more info, see FAQ.

Why is it such a good idea?

The benefits of the Steam Coast Trail to the local community include road safety, sustainable transport, health benefits, accessibility, and economic benefits from attracted tourism. Wow!

How can I help?

There are many ways that you can help our community to extend this awesome project! You can send us a letter of support. You can like our Facebook page. You can act as an ambassador to help us spread the word. You can donate. Click here now and GET INVOLVED